Starting is always harder than I anticipate. When it comes to writing, I either jot down an idea on a scrap piece of paper, never to see it meet the light of day again, or I just forget about the ideas in my brain all together. Oops.

It’s been a weird season lately, I find myself most inspired by light, changes, and color; all things that embody the season of fall, so it’s weird that I haven’t sat to write much of anything other than an Instagram post or Facebook status for my own writing. I’m attempting to start again by doing a “currently” blog, inspired by a friend who does these ever so often.

So, without further adieu (and I’m sure with many stories to come):

I am currently:

Reading: I finished The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey midway through September, having felt inspired to make some changes in my life, but I needed something a little different for my reading repertoire this time around. I found myself inspired to walk into the biography section, looking specifically for books written by authors or poets because I really believe in learning from those that go before me. Thus, I stumbled across The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath and have decided ever since that it’s the best literary decision I made. Finding the time to sit and read recently has been a bit harder than usual, but I’m positive I will find a rhythm soon!

Writing: If I’m being honest, nothing really. I attempt to write bi-weekly here on this blog, but a revamping of style and taking into consideration where I want this space to be going is very important in the coming season of my writing. I have numerous blog ideas that I’ve written down on scrap paper, getting them onto the page is a bit more difficult because of my busy schedule. I’m hoping to peg aside an hour or two just for the sake of my personal writing starting on an every day basis this week. Otherwise, I’m writing three articles a week for a medical supply company down in Georgia as a contract freelancer. It’s given me so much room to write for work, and shown me how much writing truly does give me joy when I make the time to sit and really do it without distraction.

Listening: For a while, I didn’t have much of anything to listen to. Somehow repeating Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You album got old after five months and so I just settled on silence for a while. In reality, I’m listening to Matt Maher’s new album Echoes on repeat. It’s been touching my heart in a way I didn’t anticipate. Some of my favorite tracks from that album are “Clean Heart,” “Your Love Defends Me,” “Just as I Am,” “Picket Sign, “The Least of These,” and “As Good as it Gets.” It’s speaking truth, light, and home over me in a season where I am learning to trust — and I’m deeply grateful.

Watching: I literally just sat and watched the ending of Season 5 New Girl on Netflix and both laughed so hard my stomach hurt and cried my eyes out watching CeCe and Schmidt give their vows and finally get to where they were going all along. I’m not much of a television person, but when I do, you can bet it’s some comedy or drama on Netflix.

Thinking: How calming it is to watch candles burn, about the opportunities ahead, about the rest I deeply need to take heed on before November and December hit, and how everything was designed and meant to come in two’s (I may or may not be writing on this in the near future).

Smelling: Harvest and Kitchen Spice candles.

Wishing: To remain still and present where my feet find me, to experience even deeper healing and restoration than I have in the past eight months, and I’m constantly wishing to enhance my writing to a further dimension.

Looking forward To: I recently just got promoted at one of my jobs, which means more hours, higher pay, and deeper responsibility (which makes me both nervous and excited). I’m looking forward to learning new ropes at a job I enjoy and taking on new responsibility and leadership. I’m also really looking forward to the holiday season. There is an endless amount of inspiration coming my way.

Wearing: Leggings, pink v-neck, flannel, pine tree socks, glasses, and a bandana.

Feeling: An abundance of hope for all the next season is going to bring forth, excitement for the new ways in which I will get to learn, be shaped, and molded by the Father… And grateful, always grateful.

That’s about it for now! What are your currently’s and what is inspiring you this October?

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